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20161020 - Dave Gahan : "Je donne beaucoup de moi-même pour recevoir tellement en retour"

Dave Gahan : "Je donne beaucoup de moi-même pour recevoir tellement en retour"

Mathilde Courjeau du #DriveRTL2 a rencontré Dave Gahan de Depeche Mode à Milan, le lendemain de l'annonce de leur tournée, le Global Spirit Tour.
En plus de l'annonce de la tournée européenne qui comprend 32 date, Depeche Mode a aussi annoncé une tournée au États-Unis, en Amérique Latine et quelques festivals, du coup Mathilde Courjeau à demandé à Dave Gahan comment il se préparait à un tel marathon ?

"Quoique je fasse, je ne suis jamais vraiment prêt à monter sur scène et enclencher une telle tournée, et surtout je ne suis jamais prêt à ressentir cette fatigue intense après mes premiers concerts. Je m'implique énormément dans mes prestations scéniques, je ne sais faire que ça. Je donne beaucoup de moi-même pour recevoir tellement en retour ! Je dois creuser très profondément en moi  pour proposer une performance unique, une sorte d'introspection qui va de plus en plus profondément au fur et à mesure de la tournée. Au fur et à mesure de la tournée ça fatigue, alors physiquement avant je dois faire pas mal de sport, je fais du stretching et du yoga."
Ça prend du temps pour devenir un bon performer
Dave Gahan - Depeche Mode
Mais est-ce Dave Gahan ressemble à ce qu'il voulait être sur scène quand il a commencé et qui sont les idoles scéniques ?

"Ça m'a pris 15 ou 20 ans de concerts, pour arriver au point où je me suis dit, là je crois que j'y arrive, je crois que je ressemble à peu près à ce que je voulais. Il faut savoir révéler une partie intime de soi-même, c'est assez difficile, et tout ça pour être meilleur. Mais quand tu y arrive cela t'aide à vraiment montrer ce que tu veux sur scène. Ça prend du temps pour devenir un bon performer, et effectivement il y en a qu'on peut voir sur scène et c'est une espèce d'évidence, Nick Cave par exemple, est incroyable, sur scène il devient son œuvre, ses chansons, sa musique, il devient même ses paroles, je l'ai vu beaucoup sur scène et pour moi il est très impressionnant. Et David Bowie bien sûr, c'est l'artiste qui a eu le plus d'influence sur moi. "

Le nouvel album est déjà enregistré mais pas encore fini et les membres de Depeche Mode ne veulent pas encore en parler, tout ce que l'on sait c'est qu'il se nomme Spirit, qu'il sortira au printemps prochain et il y aura probablement un extrait avant Noël. 

Pour cette dernière partie de l'entretien réalisé à Milan, Mathilde Courjeau a voulu évoquer avecDave Gahan son projet Soul Savers. Un projet qui a nourri son écriture pour Spirit et qui l'a aidé dans ses rapports avec Andrew Fletcher et Martin Gore comme il le raconte au micro de Mathilde Courjeau :

"Ecrire des chansons avec des gens qu'on ne connait pas vraiment, comme ceux de Souls Savers, c'était intéressant parce qu'on devait vraiment créer une nouvelle connection. J'en avait besoin, et c'était nécessaire pour avancer avec Depeche Mode, sans ce projet je ne sais si j'aurais été capable de retravailler avec Depeche Mode.
C'est très difficile de travailler avec Martin (Gore) même après toutes ces années, c'est de façon positive, il continue à me surprendre avec ses morceaux, à quel point ses mélodies sont bonnes, sa manière de me pousser à chanter hors de ma zone de confort, il me fait travailler plus fort, parce qu'il met la barre très haut, ça continue de me surprendre qu'à chaque fois qu'on travaille ensemble, cette magie se passe, même encore après toutes ces années. C'est vraiment passionnant."

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20161016 - Depeche Mode, interview: Maybe it would be the death of us if we suddenly started being recognised | London Evening Standard

Depeche Mode, interview: Maybe it would be the death of us if we suddenly started being recognised | London Evening Standard

When most bands announce a new tour, adverts and emails will suffice. When it’s Depeche Mode, Europe’s media is summoned to a theatre inside the towering design museum in Milan — journalists in the stalls, while whooping fans occupy the balcony — to hear the news in person from chief songwriter Martin Gore, 55, lizard-like frontman Dave Gahan, 54, and keyboardist-slash-Easter-Island-statue Andy “Fletch” Fletcher, 55.
When most bands announce a new tour, adverts and emails will suffice. When it’s Depeche Mode, Europe’s media is summoned to a theatre inside the towering design museum inMilan — journalists in the stalls, while whooping fans occupy the balcony — to hear the news in person from chief songwriter Martin Gore, 55, lizard-like frontman Dave Gahan, 54, and keyboardist-slash-Easter-Island-statue Andy “Fletch” Fletcher, 55. Everything, from the bustling queues to obtain a silver octagonal admission lanyard to the rock-star gleam of Gahan’s ludicrous golden shoes, seems designed to remind you that this veteran group remain a very big deal.

Any fans who watched the event live on a Facebook stream on Tuesday will know that these things are sent to try us. The upbeat trio must tackle a Hungarian journalist who wants to know about their love of Hungary, an Italian who wishes to enquire whether “the rock” is “now completely dead”, and a member of the German press who just wants to see Gahan dance. For we Brits, the real news is easy to spot: next summer Depeche Mode will perform at the London Stadium in the Olympic Park, their first UK stadium appearance since a lesser event at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in 1993. Tickets go on sale today.

“Crystal Palace was 23 years ago. It’s another life,” Gahan tells me later. After the masses have gone, he’s giving a handful of one-to-one interviews in a curtained-off room backstage, while Gore holds court in another along the corridor. “It was suggested by our manager that it’s time for us to do something a bit bigger in England, maybe out in the open. My son Jack lives in London and is a West Ham supporter, so he was quite thrilled.”

‘I don’t know why we get to still do this. The band is much larger than the individuals involved’

The band, who emerged from Basildon in Essex at the start of the Eighties synthpop boom, have long been slightly prickly about the esteem in which they are held in their home country. Both Gahan and Gore have lived in the US for many years, in New York and Santa Barbara respectively, and it’s commonly mentioned that their menacing, tortured brand of electronic rock is far bigger in America and the rest of Europe, especially Germany, than it is here. When a map is displayed on the theatre’s screen with stars indicating the places they’ll visit on next year’s tour — 32 shows, everywhere from Lisbon to Minsk — the single London star looks rather lonely.

“I don’t think there will ever be as much adulation in Britain as there is in the rest of Europe but we have a loyal fanbase there,” says Gore. The band have been regulars at the O2 Arena since 2009, and Wembley Arena before that, so they’re hardly shadowy obscurities. “It wouldn’t be a wise decision for us to play five stadium shows in Britain. But it is time for us to play one at least.”

Gore, dressed all in black right up to his carbon-fibre wedding ring, says Depeche Mode still see themselves “as a cult band”. Selling more than 100 million albums while seeming like outsiders is a neat trick. On albums such as their biggest, 1990’s Violator, and their most recent, Delta Machine from 2013, they summon a spiritual turmoil and a dark physicality — a world in which sexiness is next to godliness — that sits far from the bright lights of the mainstream despite those sales figures. With no Grammys to their name and just one Brit Award (Best British Single for Enjoy the Silence in 1991), I mention that they’ve never had much official recognition. “Virtually none!” Gore laughs. “At the same time it doesn’t really bother us that much. Maybe it would be the death of us if we suddenly started being recognised.”

Stadium mode: the band will play just one night in London (Anton Corbijn)
What they have got is a proper, globe-straddling rock star for a singer, which never hurts. Dave Gahan could only be more of a textbook rock and roller if he was dead, which he was for several minutes in 1996, following an accidental overdose of cocaine and heroin. Clean since then, in 2009 he had an operation to remove a cancerous tumour on his bladder and must now undergo regular intrusive checks. “I’m very good, thank you for asking,” he says when I enquire after his health. “I just recently had all my check-ups done that need to be done.” There’s one positive, he says, that he can credit to his old life as an addict: “I have a great strength, which is a denial of what’s really going on! I use that to my advantage with this. I just put it to the side until it comes around.”

Nevertheless, he needs this tour to be slightly less mammoth than the ones that have gone before, especially as there are North and South American dates still to be announced. “My one stipulation about this tour was we have to do fewer shows each week. I don’t bounce back like I used to. I really give it my all in a show. Once I’m up there, I’m in another world and I enjoy that place, but the next day I wake up to reality. The spirit is young but the body is starting to decay, let’s put it that way.”

In contrast to Gore, who wants to get questions answered as quickly as possible and whose day’s catchphrase has become “We’re not here to talk about the new album”, Gahan is a delight to chat to — fidgety and energetic and happy to ramble away, even about the new album. Next spring the band will release Spirit, their 14th. It isn’t finished yet but they can play us a minute or so of snippets which sound like a computer apocalypse, boiling over with electronic clanks, scrapes and buzzes. After three albums in a row with Ben Hillier, it’s being produced by James Ford, known for his work on albums by Arctic Monkeys and Florence + the Machine. “He’s a real sound master,” says Gore when coaxed briefly onto the subject. Gahan says: “Working with James was really refreshing. We needed it. It was time to do something different.”

The clip of new material only contains one lyric: “Where’s the revolution? Come on people you’re letting me down.” I ask if that’s the key message, as it’s the one they’re revealing right at the start. “I would say it is. It’s quite a linchpin on the album. We’re really asking that question of ourselves and of the world,” says the singer. “What’s happening? What’s happening? We’re all feeling it and none of us seems to have the answer. I would say that this album definitely reflects what’s going on outside more than what’s going on inside. And the outside world is becoming too much.”

Neither of them will get a vote in the US elections, as they don’t have US citizenship. “It’s terrifying at the moment,” says Gore. “To me it just seems like the same thing as the Brexit vote: a lot of unhappy people who aren’t quite sure what to do with that unhappiness. Before the Brexit vote, even the Leave campaign people didn’t really expect to win. And everyone’s saying Trump won’t win now. But until it’s over, I’m not gonna sleep very well.”

Whatever happens, they’ll keep on being the voice of the outsiders, with an album and tour like clockwork every four years regardless of the solo projects and family life that happen in between. “This is also another family,” says Gahan of the band and those who work with them. “I don’t know why we get to still do this. It’s something that I think has become much larger than any of the individuals that are involved in it.”

The Depeche Mode machine rumbles onwards, as powerful as ever. They’ve more than earned their newfound stadium status in London.

 Depeche Mode play the London Stadium, E20 (0844 844 0444, on June 3

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20161014 - Depeche Mode - Tour booking available right now / Réservation des places pour la nouvelle tournée dès à présent

Pour rappel pour ceux que ça intéresserait, les places pour les concerts de Depeche Mode " Global Spirit Tour" sont ouvertes sur les billetteries classiques :  FNAC, ticketmaster, etc... depuis hier pour les places en France mais aussi à l'international. N'hésitez pas à réserver ;)
All venues from the new "Global Spirit Tour" of Depeche Mode are opened now, you can book your tickets

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20161012 - Música - Depeche Mode no festival Nos Alive em 2017

Música - Depeche Mode no festival Nos Alive em 2017

O grupo vai editar um disco novo, "Spirit", na primavera, e depois fará uma digressão europeia.
Os britânicos Depeche Mode vão atuar em julho de 2017 no festival Nos Alive, Algés, onde apresentarão um novo álbum, foi hoje anunciado.
Tal como aconteceu em 2012 em Paris, a banda anunciou hoje, numa conferência de imprensa em Milão (Itália), que vai editar um novo álbum na primavera, intitulado Spirit, e que haverá uma nova digressão europeia, que passará por Portugal.
A 11ª edição do Alive decorrerá em Algés de 6 a 8 de julho de 2017. Os Depeche Mode regressam a este festival onde atuaram em 2013, quando editaram o álbum "Delta Machine". De acordo com a promotora, Everything is New, os Depeche Mode atuam no dia 8 de julho no Palco NOS. Os bilhetes já se encontram à venda nos locais habituais. O bilhete diário para o Nos Alive custa 59 euros, o passe para os três dias custa 129 euros.
Os concertos da anterior digressão dos Depeche Mode somaram 2,5 milhões de espectadores. A nova digressão, baptizada de "Global Spirit Tour", começa em maio e passará ainda pela Alemanha, Reino Unido, Suíça, Itália, França, Espanha, Rússia, Ucrânia, Polónia e Roménia.
Na conferência de imprensa, o vocalista, Dave Gahan, contou que o grupo passou os últimos anos a escrever e a gravar este álbum, que ainda não está terminado. Spirit, será o 14.º disco de originais do grupo, sucessor de Delta Machine, que atingiu os tops das tabelas em 12 países e o quinto lugar em outros 26. Spirit está a ser produzido por James Ford, membro fundador da banda Simian Mobile Disco, reponsável por discos de nomes como Florence and The Machine e Arctic Monkeys. Spirit será lançado no início de 2017 pela Columbia Records.
Os Depeche Mode, uma das referências da 'new wave' pop eletrónica dos anos 1980, são formados por Dave Gahan, Martin Gore e Andy Fletcher.

20161012 – Depeche Mode Plan New Album 'Spirit,' 2017 Tour - Rolling Stone

Depeche Mode Plan New Album 'Spirit,' 2017 Tour - Rolling Stone

Depeche Mode hope to release their 14th studio record, 'Spirit,' next spring, and follow that with a European tour.
Depeche Mode announced their new album Spirit will be released in spring 2017. The group will follow the release of the LP with a 32-date European Global Spirit Tour, which begins May 5th in Stockholm, Sweden and ends July 23 in Cluj, Romania.

"We're working on the album with a new team: it's produced by James Ford [of Simian Mobile Disco], and he's helped us to make what we feel is a very incredible sounding record," said Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan. "He was able to really guide us."

Proceeds from the tour will raise money forcharity:water. "If you don't know charity:water, you should," guitarist Martin Gore said. "They're an amazing organization whose goal is to bring clean, safe drinking water to everybody on the planet. On the last tour, with our fans' help, we were able to raise over $1.4 million for charity:water. Those funds specifically brought clean water to people in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda."

On November 11th, Depeche Mode will also release Video Singles Collection, a retrospective that compiles the group's entire videography from 1981 to 2013. "It's been amazing to go back and relive all the experiences and memories these videos evoke after all these years," the band said in a statement. "It's incredible to have all our videos finally together in one place, and we're hoping our fans enjoy this journey through time as much as we did."

The last Depeche Mode album, Delta Machine, came out in 2013.

Depeche Mode Tour Dates

May 5 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Friends Arena
May 7 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Ziggo Dome
May 9 - Antwerp, Belgium @ Sportpaleis
May 12 - Nice, France @ Stade Charles-Ehrmann
May 14- Ljubljana, Slovenia @ Dvorana Stožice
May 17 - Athens, Greece @ Terra Vibe Park
May 20 - Bratislava, Slovakia @ Štadión Pasienky
May 22 - Budapest, Hungary @ Groupama Aréna
May 24 - Prague, Czech Republic @ Eden Aréna
May 27 - Leipzig, Germany @ Festwiese
May 29 - Lille, France @ Stade Pierre-Mauroy
May 31 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Telia Parken
June 3 - London, United Kingdom @ London Stadium
June 5 - Cologne, Germany @ RheinEnergieStadion
June 9 - Munich, Germany @ Olympiastadion
June 11 - Hannover, Germany @ HDI Arena
June 18 - Zurich, Switzerland @ Letzigrund Stadion
June 20 - Frankfurt, Germany @ Commerzbank-Arena
June 22 - Berlin, Germany @ Olympiastadion
June 25 - Rome, Italy @ Stadio Olimpico
June 27 - Milan, Italy @ Stadio San Siro
June 29 - Bologna, Italy @ Stadio Rentao Dall'Ara
July 1 - Paris, France @ Stade de France
July 4 - Gelsenkirchen, Germany @ Veltins-Arena
July 6 - Bilbao, Spain @ BBK Live Festival
July 8 - Lisbon, Portugal @ NOS Alive Festival
July 13 - St. Petersburg, Russia @ SKK
July 15 - Moscow, Russia @ Otkritie Arena
July 17 - Minsk, Belarus @ Minsk-Arena
July 19 - Kiev, Ukraine @ Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex
July 21 - Warsaw, Poland @ PGE Narodowy
July 23 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania @ Cluj Arena

20161012 – Depeche Mode officialise le passage de son «Spirit tour» au stade Pierre-Mauroy - La Voix du Nord

Depeche Mode officialise le passage de son «Spirit tour» au stade Pierre-Mauroy - La Voix du Nord

On vous l’annonçait dimanche, la date ayant « fuité » sur Internet, cette fois c’est officiel. Une conférence de presse à Milan ce mardi a donné toutes les dates de la tournée mondiale de Depeche Mode, le « Global Spirit Tour ». En France, il y aura trois rendez-vous : Lille, Paris et Nice.
Le groupe, en conférence de presse à Milan, a annoncé la sortie d’un nouvel album intitulé « Spirit » qui devrait sortir en début d’année 2017 et qui sera suivi par une grande tournée mondiale. Le chanteur Dave Gahan a expliqué que l’album était en cours de réalisation : «  Nous avons travaillé à Santa Barbara et à New York. Ce nouvel album a un son incroyable, et nous en sommes déjà très fiers. Il sortira au printemps et sera suivi par la tournée Global Spirit Tour  ».

Cette tournée compte 32 concerts dans 21 pays. Depeche Mode sera à Nice le 12 mai  ;au stade Pierre-Mauroy à Villeneuve d’Ascq, pour la date lilloise, le 29 mai 2017  ; et au Stade de France le 1er juillet 2017.

Au stade Pierre-Mauroy, le groupe devrait évoluer en configuration « boîte à spectacle », trois ans et demi après un premier rendez-vous manqué de 2013faute de chauffage.

Depeche Mode au Main Square  ?Interrogé sur la présence du groupe dans des festivals d’été en juillet-août 2017, le guitariste Martin Gore a indiqué que rien n’était fixé encore, mais que cela semblait peu probable en raison d’une tournée nord-américaine. Pourtant au niveau calendrier, ça collerait bien. Le groupe est à Paris le 1er juillet et le festival d’Arras se déroule les 30 juin, 1er et 2 juillet.

Les billets pour les dates françaises seront en vente à partir de vendredi 10h.Elles devraient être en vente de 59 à 89,90 €.

Depeche Mode en a profité pour expliquer qu’une partie des bénéfices de la tournée sera reversée pour un projet caritatif pour amener de l’eau dans certains villages d’Afrique.